Specially Formulated Dog Food: Underlying Medical Conditions

Unfortunately underlying medical conditions know no exceptions to certain living beings and our canine friends aren’t excluded. Sometimes a dog develops a serious underlying medical condition and needs to be taken proper care of to prevent more serious complications and even death. As with humans, treating underlying medical conditions in cheap jerseys dogs almost always involves adjustments to the diet. Luckily with today’s advancement in the animal health industry, specially formulated dog food is no longer a thing of the future.

Specially Formulated Dog Food Manufacturer: Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s Prescription Diet Series

Specially Formulated Dog Food: Underlying Medical ConditionsHill’s Pet Nutrition has a variety of specially formulated dog food to help control most underlying medical conditions and we have put together a list of foods you can use to help control the most commonly known medical issues. Remember that Hill’s Pet Nutrition is only one brand we here at Best Puppy Food Brands trust and recommend. There may be other dog food manufacturers that also produce specially formulated varieties.

Diabetic Control

Diabetes Mellitus is a commonly known health condition in some dogs. Their bodies are either not able to produce any insulin or not sufficient amounts of it. As with humans, a Low Fat, Low G.I. wholesale jerseys diet with limits to carbohydrates and bad fats, is an essential component of effective diabetes control in dogs. Training Hill’s Pet Nutrition has you covered with a diabetic dog food product.

Hill’s Prescription Diet w/d Low Fat – Diabetic – Gastrointestinal Dry Dog Food 17.6 Pounds

  • balanced and complete dog food that promotes a healthy body weight in your pet
  • Hill’s w/d dog food is formulated with extra carnitine and protein to increase your canine’s metabolism
  • stabilizes blood glucose in diabetic dogs, and contains extra fiber to promote feelings of fullness

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Kidney Health

Dogs can develop kidney failure as a results of ingesting toxins, including antifreeze, certain medications, tainted foods, etc. Other possible causes of this type of kidney problems are decreased oxygen or blood flow delivered cheap jerseys to the kidneys, infections and urinary obstruction.

While acute kidney failure often has immediate causes that be treated, chronic kidney failure occurs over a longer period of time and exact causes are hard to determine, This type of kidney failure is often caused by an underlying illness and congenital and hereditary conditions. A main cause of chronic kidney failure in dogs is dental disease. Bacteria related to advanced dental disease enters the blood stream and invades multiple organs, causing irreversible damage to the heart, liver and kidneys.

Hills K/D Renal Health Dog Food 8.5 lb

  • Reduced phosphorus to help maintain healthy kidney function
  • Reduced levels of protein to help reduce kidney workload
  • Reduced sodium to help maintain normal blood pressure
  • Increased levels of omega-3 fatty acids to help blood flow to the kidneys
  • Increased levels of B-complex vitamins to compensate for vitamin losses in the urine

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Metabolic Health

Some dogs may develop metabolic problems caused by various factors over their lifetimes. Ineffective weight control is just one possible cause of a metabolic condition. Keeping the metabolism healthy and functioning at optimal level can be achieved by using the advanced metabolic weight control solution by Hill’s Prescription Diet.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Canine Dry Dog Food, 27.5-lb bag

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Gastrointestinal Health

Gastrointestinal disorders affect a dog’s stomach and intestines, resulting in pain and other possible complications. These disorders prevent the digestive system of a dog to properly digest foods, resulting Ortona in further complications. A healthy digestive system of your dog is required to absorb the necessary nutrients from the food he takes in order to build and repair tissues and obtain energy.

Hills I/D Gastrointestinal Health Dog Food 35 lb

  • Highly digestible protein and fat to help assimilate nutrients and repair tissues faster
  • Mixed fiber source to help maintain gastrointestinal health
  • Optimal balance of nutrients to help replenish the body and help encourage recovery
  • Added antioxidants to help control cell oxidation.

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Hepatic Health

Liver disease in dogs is not uncommon and the early warning signs include loss of appetite, weight loss, and chronic intermittent vomiting and diarrhea. 80% of the liver cells must die before the liver starts to fail. The liver of a dog can heal itself up to a point of normal liver function if the condition is caught early and properly treated with diet and medication. Hill’s Prescription Diet assists with the latter with their specially formulated solution.

Hill’s Prescription Diet l/d Hepatic Health Dog Food (12 13-oz cans)

  • High quality and highly digestible protein in moderate quantities to help reduce liver workload and helps maintain liver function
  • Added L-Carnitine to help maintain normal fat metabolism in the liver
  • Added antioxidant nutrients like vitamin E and C to control cell oxidation and promote a healthy immune system
  • Reduced in sodium to help maintain normal blood pressure

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Dental Health

Bad breath are often joked around with, but it’s a lot more serious than most people think. Dental disease affects up to 80% of pets over the age of three, and just like humans, there can be serious consequences of poor dental health. Dental health issues can affect the heart, kidneys, intestinal tract, and joints if not treated properly.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has to two specially formulated dog food products to assist with traditional dental care like brushing etc.

Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d Dental Health Dry Dog Food 25 pounds

  • Kibble texture scrubs away plaque and tartar from your dog’s tooth enamel
  • Proven formula that slows tartar and plaque Führerscheinentzug buildup
  • Ingredients to reduce bad breath in dogs

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Hill’s Science Diet Adult Oral Care Dry Dog Food, 30-Pound Bag

  • Healthy Immune Function
  • Reduced Plaque Buildup and Fresh Breath
  • Healthy Teeth
  • Lean Muscle and Ideal Body Weight
  • Easy To Digest

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Dogs can start to show allergic symptoms when their immune systems begin to regard certain everyday substances as dangerous. Even though these allergens are common in many everyday circumstances and harmless to most dogs, dogs with allergies can have Food very dramatic and serious reactions to these allergens. A variety of skin, digestive and respiratory symptoms may appear as the body tried to rid itself from these allergens.

Hill’s Prescription Diet has an answer…

Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d Canine Ultra Allergen-Free Dry Food 25-lb bag

  • digestible proteins that minimize the chances of bad reactions from your dog
  • Hill’s z/d ULTRA Allergen-Free dog food contains NO whole animal proteins
  • incorporates digestible carbs and fats to minimize gastrointestinal strain in your pet’s system
  • contains boosted omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to improve your pet’s skin health

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Sensitive Stomach

Many dogs have guts of steel and can eat just about anything he finds tasty without any issues. However, not every dog is this lucky. If your dog gets intermittent loose stools, occasional vomiting or excessive flatulence, he may have a sensitive stomach and may require a specially formulated dog food to help control this.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach Dry Dog Food, 30-Pound Bag

  • Gentle, Comfortable Digestion
  • Appropriate Nutrient Absorption
  • Promotes Intestinal Health
  • Healthy Immune Function
  • Lean Muscle and Ideal Body Weight

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Skin Health

Many dogs develop some sort of skin or coat issue every now and again as a result of many factors, including allergies. wholesale mlb jerseys The condition of a dog’s skin and coat is a clear indication of a dog’s general health. You as a dog owner can ensure your dog’s skin and coat stays healthy li?ty by providing him with a specially formulated dog food designed to keep his skin and coat in top condition.

Hills Presciption Diet d/d Potato & Venison, Skin Support Canine Dog Food – 17.6lb

  • Highly digestible single intact animal protein source and single carbohydrate source to help avoid common food sensitivities
  • High levels of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids that help nourish the skin and coat
  • Combination of antioxidants helps maintain a healthy immune system and skin barrier function
  • Four different novel protein sources to provide more choices in managing food sensitivity

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Weight Control

Dog obesity can have serious negative impacts on your dog’s general health, including heart disease, eye sight problems, etc. It is very important that you as a dog owner keep a close eye on your dog’s weight on a regular basis to ensure he stays healthy. If your dog tends to put on weight very easily or are older and not that active any longer, you may need to help 21.20.00 keep your dog’s weight under control by using a specially formulated dog food type, such as the one produced by Hill’s Prescription Diet.

Hill’s Prescription Diet r/d Weight Loss – Low Calorie Dry Dog Food w/ Chicken 8.5 Pounds

  • Clinically proven to reduce body fat by 20% in 3 months.
  • Low fat and high fiber decrease caloric, which helps reduce body fat
  • High natural fiber levels satisfy pets while losing weight
  • High levels of carnitine to help burn fat while maintaining lean muscle mass
  • Delicious taste for easy transition from your cat’s current food

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Depending on your dog’s specific medical condition, you may need Puppy to do some thorough research of your own to find the best diabetic dog food, low fat dog food, gluten free dog food, look into low sodium dog food brands such as Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s Prescription Diet variations, high fiber dog food brands or something as simple as dog food for sensitive stomachs.

Specially formulated dog food used to assist in the treatment of underlying medical conditions may be the only effective way you can wholesale nba jerseys control your dog’s medical condition effectively. Be sure to chose a reputable and trustworthy manufacturer of dog food brands as this is the health and life of your dog you have in your hands. Always remember that no advice precedes the professional advice from a veterinarian, so be sure to visit yours as soon as the need arises.


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