Review of Wellness Complete Health Puppy Food

As the brand Wellness implies, this American pet food manufacturer is all about natural food choices for pets. The business has a proud history where a hard tack sea biscuit baked at A. Hubbard and Sons Bakery in Massachusetts prior to 1926 was offered to a dog and the dog loved it. The bakery then geared up for dog food distribution and things changed in 1961 when Jim Scott Senior purchased the company and committed to developing highly nutritious gourmet dog snacks. Formulas were adjusted to a pure natural recipe and by the 1990s Wellness was born. Let’s jump right into our review of Wellness Complete Health Puppy Food.

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The Wellness Complete Healthy dry puppy food recipe contains deboned chicken, chicken meal, ground barley, salmon meal, ground brown rice and chicken fat. Instead of any grain by-product or artificial filler there are also tomatoes, carrots and ground flaxseed in the mix. The ingredients mostly comprise a natural range, which is exactly what is being advertised.

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An article entitled ‘Extraction of proteins from slaughterhouse by-products: Influence of operating conditions on functional properties’ published in Meat Science (August 2008) highlights the protein advantage of using mechanically deboned chicken meat (MDCM) when compared to other by-products:

‘The functional properties of the protein concentrates were compared to those of some commercial ingredients. Proteins from pork lungs and MDCM exhibited better gelling properties than egg white and beef plasma, while beef and pork lungs displayed very good emulsifying properties, similar to Na-caseinates. As the methods developed are easy to scale-up, the use of by-product proteins at industrial scale appears to be an interesting opportunity to obtain added value slaughterhouse by-products.’

Shop for Wellness® Complete Health Large Breed Puppy Food Online!Amazon user Neil adopted a Border Collie with diahorrea issues and as soon as he opened the Wellness dry food ‘… she started chewing on the cut away of the bag; it was obvious she loved the taste’.

Neil gives a rating of 4/5, presumably due to the price of the product that is nearly double compared to competitive brands. After feeding the Border Collie Wellness for quite some time ‘… She would refuse to drink water until I offered her my bottled water; she is now on purified water and wellness dog food and her stool has firmed up, not a single day of irregularity since. Oh, and the resealable seal still seals; down to the last kibble’.

Other Amazon users, however, have had less pleasant things to say and there are a lot of reviews like Krystal’s where ‘I liked that the ingredients list was full of healthy things and had no corn or fillers. My puppy liked the taste. However, I’m rating this a 2 because while on Wellness, he had the runs. His poop was always super wet and mushy and sometimes it would be all liquid…’.

Some breeds maybe more sensitive or lacking something else in their routine that would prevent loose and smelly stool.


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