Review of AvoDerm Premium Puppy Food

First opened in 1947 by Harold Taylor, Breeder’s Choice Pet Food Company is an American food manufacturer that produces a line of natural puppy food under the AvoDerm brand. As the name suggests, AvoDerm uses avocados as a key ingredient to produce puppy food that promotes skin and coat care as well as a diet rich with nutrients for a healthy immune system. The company website pinpoints their success with avocados at around 1982 when a local grower in California had plenty of avocados to sell and asked if Breeder’s Choice could use the delicious fruit in their pet food recipes.AvoDerm Natural Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Formula Puppy Food Breeder’s Choice have since maintained research and have developed innovations in their natural pet food niche to offer what some consumers consider AvoDerm to be a ‘miracle’ product.

AvoDerm Natural Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Formula comes in both canned and bag form. The bags are 15lbs/6.8kg whereas the cans are 13oz/368.5g.

Our review of AvoDerm Premium Puppy Food reveals a healthy list of essential ingredients as well as Avocado in all variants for healthy skin and coat.:

  • chicken meal,
  • ground whole brown rice,
  • AvoDerm® premium dog and cat food formulas are loaded with high quality meat proteins, wholesome grains, antioxidant nutrients plus vitamins and minerals for inside health and California avocados for healthy skin and coat on the outside.

  • ground whole white rice,
  • oatmeal,
  • chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols),
  • rice bran,
  • avocado,
  • tomato pomace (source of lycopene),
  • flax seed (source of omega-3 fatty acid)
  • …and a long list of vitamins and other by-products.

As the name suggests, AvoDerm uses avocados as a key ingredient to produce puppy food…

Due to the rendering process of producing chicken meal it is found to have less moisture and a higher concentration of protein compared to raw chicken, which is ideal for pet consumption. Rice is good helping upset stomachs. Oatmeal lowers blood cholesterol and is a reliable fibre source. Tomato pomace is the leftovers of tomato manufacturing so it mostly contains water and tomato skin.

Buy AvoDerm Natural Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Formula Puppy Food, 13-Ounce Cans, Case of 12!Canned ingredients include chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, salmon, rice, Tuna, peas, carrots, potatoes, flax seed, avocado meal, avocado oil and a list of acids and vitamins. Persin is a toxin that is bad for pets and is found in avocados. AvoDerm’s manufacturing process confirms that persin is not found in the food they produce.

Dr. Art Craigmill, UC Davis, Professor and Extension Specialist in Environmental Toxicology has said that his studies and other research in the United States and Australia have shown that the problem of toxicity is in the leaves and the pit of the Guatemalan variety; the avocado meat of the fruit and oils have not been shown to be toxic. AvoDerm pet products do not utilize any Guatemalan variety avocados, nor do we use any leaves or pits of any variety of avocados for our avocado meal and oil.

AvoDerm Natural Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Formula Small Breed Puppy FoodAs AvoDerm is rich in proteins, vitamins and has an abundance of avocado in the mix, Breeder’s Choice recommend a five-day transition before replacing a puppy’s diet exclusively with their product.

For the first two days: feed 20% AvoDerm and 80% of the old brand; for the next two days: feed 50% AvoDerm and 50% of your pet’s old brand; on day five: feed 80% AvoDerm and 20% of the old brand; and on day six you can then feed 100% AvoDerm.


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