Puppy Feeding Schedule: How Important is it?

It is very tempting for new puppy owners to just fill a bowl of your puppy’s favorite food and have him nibble away when and how much he pleases. However, taking this approach is not a good idea, for a number of good reasons. Setting and sticking to a regular puppy feeding schedule means you are able to control how much and when your puppy fills that little stomach of his.

Routine for any puppy, especially young puppies that are still under training and housebreaking, is very important. You need to know when your puppy will need to eliminate so you can train him where, when and how is appropriate to do so.

Setting a Proper Puppy Feeding Schedule

Puppy Feeding Schedule

Quality of Food

For a young puppy still under development, it is essential that he gets the right amount of nutrition to ensure optimal development. Some cheaper puppy food brands contain a large amount of grains and animal byproducts. These ingredients can make your puppy feel full but in actual fact doesn’t provide the vitamins and minerals a young puppy under development needs.

Supplying your puppy cheap mlb jerseys with proper, quality puppy food is important as this determines how much and how often your puppy wholesale NBA jerseys will and need to eat. Make sure that the puppy food brand you select consists largely of actual meat and as little filler as possible. Having your puppy learn to eat the right amount of food at the right time will ensure that he gets the daily required vitamins and minerals he needs to develop into a strong and healthy puppy. You can refer to our best puppy food brands comparison chart to decide among the most popular and top puppy food brands available, or you can always ask your local vet for any recommendations on the best puppy food to start him off with.


You will need to find out what your puppy’s metabolic rate is in order to know how much food he will need on a daily basis to provide enough calories and energy to get him through the day and his activities. Larger breed puppies essentially burn more energy than smaller breeds; more calories are burnt and will therefor need larger amounts of nutrients to provide for his daily nutritional requirements.

Unfortunately there is no easy way of knowing what your puppy’s metabolic rate is just by looking at him. The best advice if you’re unsure how much food your puppy will need per serving is to visit your local vet and ask them to help you determine the actual scoop size you need to feed your puppy, per serving. Most top quality puppy food brands also have a feeding chart imprinted on the label Food: of the product that gives an estimate of how much food to feed a puppy based on a certain weight. Note that these are always general guidelines only and can’t be substituted with professional advice from your local vet.

Keep a close eye on your puppy’s weight and learn how much food he is comfortable eating per meal serving. Ensure that he doesn’t overeat and also that he gets enough food per serving to ensure his weight strays under control.


Your puppy’s age is a clear indication of where he is at in his development, and thus giving you a clue Hacker as to how often he needs to be fed to ensure he gets the right amount of nutrition on a daily basis. Generally puppies younger than 8 weeks should still be nursing and feeding from their mothers. It is generally accepted that puppies up to 6 months should feed at least three times a day – morning, noon and at night. After six months feeding a puppy twice daily is sufficient. Smaller breed puppies like Yorkies and Chihuahuas are prone to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and may need to feed four to five times a day to keep their glucose levels stabilized. Again, the importance of the professional advice from your local vet can’t be stressed enough.

The Feeding Times

As mentioned earlier, routine is very important in all aspects of your puppy’s life. Proper feeding times isn’t an exception. Keep in mind that your puppy will need to eliminate around 30 minutes after feeding so it’s essential that you ensure that you are around.

It is a good rule of thumb to schedule your puppy’s feeding times around your own schedule, three to four times a day – morning, noon and at night. Regular feeding times Hello will ensure your puppy gets the right amount of nutrients he needs on a daily basis to provide for his energy level. He will be less likely to beg for food in between meals. A good place to start is 7am, 12pm and then 5pm at night.

Not only does a regular, controlled <a href="http://www.pawclub.com.au/nutritionandgrooming/feedschedule.aspx" onclick="_gaq Read Full Report.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘outbound-article’, ‘http://www.pawclub.com.au/nutritionandgrooming/feedschedule.aspx’, ‘puppy feeding schedule’]);” target=”_blank”>puppy feeding schedule ensure your puppy gets the required daily nutrients he needs to function, but it will also take care of him mentally. You puppy won’t need to worry where his next meal is coming from or when it will arrive, giving him the chance to just be a puppy and enjoy his puppy life. Always remember that your local veterinarian is a good resource to get a cheap NFL jerseys professional feeding guide from.

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