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Nature’s Variety Prairie Chicken Meal Brown Rice Medley

Nature’s Variety is a pet food company that manufacture their grain-free and holistic products in America (Lincoln Nebraska) while their headquarters are located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Nature’s Variety is a subsidiary of M.I. Industries, Inc., which provides protein-based pet treats and became incorporated in 1981 where it is located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Nature's VarietyNature’s Variety claim that their pet foods are 100% free of: corn, wheat, soy, chemical preservatives as well as artificial colors and flavors. Pet food critics are aware that brands that use these artificial fillers can trigger allergic reactions in pets and the content itself is far from nutritious compared to the more natural alternatives.

Our wholesome foods are made with integrity and care. We stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Nature’s Variety defer to their ‘Nutrition Council’ for insight and advice. These experts specialize in pet nutrition, behavior and medicine and are distinguished doctors in their respective fields.

Nature’s Variety Prairie Chicken Meal Brown Rice Medley supposedly provides all of the key nutrients and beneficial elements a growing doggy needs. So, how does Nature’s Variety pet food fare?

Prairie Kibble for Puppies is available in 5, 15 and 30 pound bags and there are two variations for small and large breeds. This review will focus on Nature’s Variety Prairie Puppy Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Medley.

The main ingredients of Prairie Puppy Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Medley are:

Nature's Variety Prairie Puppy Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Medley• chicken meal,

  • brown rice,
  • barley,
  • oatmeal,
  • chicken fat,
  • ground flaxseed,
  • natural chicken flavour,
  • salmon oil
  • and a list of added vitamins and natural ingredients

Natural Variety keeps their promise when it comes to natural ingredients. Chicken meal is a solid primary meat protein source with more protein than regular chicken and less moisture. This formula is supplemented with a long list of additional vitamins so the loss of natural nutrients that you would normally find in the chicken is compensated.

Surprisingly, there are no other meat protein sources in this product.

Brown rice is by far the best wholegrain option to offer to your pets.

The Journal of Nutrition (June, 2002) published an article that justifies rice over corn in pet foods entitled ‘The Use of Sorghum and Corn as Alternatives to Rice in Dog Foods’:

‘The rice diet caused a higher mean fecal score compared to that of the sorghum and corn diets, indicating that the feces of the dogs in the rice group were looser.’

Barley may not be corn but it is technically a cereal grain, which does rate better than corn on the glycaemic index and packs more fibre making it more digestible.

Oatmeal is not a potent as the fresh stuff and food critics have found that probiotics seem to be more effective for maintaining a healthier colon for puppies.

Chicken fat and salmon oil emphasises the holistic theme of the recipe by bringing the fatty acids from animal sources.

Ground flaxseed is not as great as pure flaxseed given its refined status however there is still merit in its inclusion.

Natural chicken flavour is like animal digest where it comprises a milieu of chicken bits that may barely resemble chicken in the final product. At least we know the animal source is chicken.

So what do the general public think of Natural Variety’s Prairie Puppy Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Medley? As of writing there were only a few reviews of this product.

Amazon user PDXAmazonGirl writes: ‘It has high quality ingredients, no by-products, and lots of vitamins and minerals for my little guy to develop into a healthy adult. The food has made my dog’s coat super lustrous.’ while Double R USA tends to agree: ‘This is a good food for the pups. No fillers’.