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Review of Fromm Puppy Gold Dry Food

Fromm is an American family-owned pet food company based in Wisconsin that has been in business since 1904. The Fromm Family introduced the first canine distemper (viral disease) vaccine during the 1930s and claims to have introduced the idea of premium pet food to the general public. Fromm offer a dry food bag called Puppy Gold.

Fromm FamilyFromm Puppy Gold dry puppy food is available as either a 5lb or 33lbs/14kg bag.

Our review of Fromm Puppy Gold Dry Food reveals the ingredient list is promising. The main ingredients include:

Fromm Puppy Gold Dry Puppy Food

  • duck,
  • chicken meal,
  • chicken,
  • oatmeal,
  • pearled barley,
  • brown rice, and
  • flaxseed

Fromm Puppy Gold has an excellent natural selection that promotes a healthy coat and fortifies the immune system. First of all, duck looks like it could be the main and most important ingredient here as it is supposedly a strong source of protein and something a little fancier to see on the label—the packaging is gold after all, implying that the product is premium.

Unfortunately, processed duck meat mostly comprises water and moisture instead of concentrated protein. Always question the authenticity of core protein sources.

At number two—however—we see chicken meal, which may come across as a little disappointing and might be overlooked if you were chuffed with seeing the duck. Chicken meal is quickly followed up by chicken but we do not necessarily know how much actual white meat is in the mix.

Oatmeal balances this recipe and is more than just filler. As a supplement ingredient in Fromm Puppy Gold oatmeal may not contain that rich hit of protein but it does pack the fibre puppies need to maintain their digestive system. Also, oatmeal is the lesser evil when it comes to carbohydrates in grain.

Pearled barley is arguably fancy filler too although according to ‘Barley for food: Characteristics, improvement, and renewed interest’ published in the Journal of Cereal Science (September 2008):

‘Renewed interest in barley for food uses largely centres around the effects of β-glucans on lowering blood cholesterol levels and glycemic index. Wholegrain barley foods also appear to be associated with increased satiety and weight loss.’

Flaxseed contains oil that is perfect for shiny coats and healthy skin. Brown rice is not as refined as white rice so it fits the easily digestible and wholegrain ratio of this recipe quite well.

Overall, the combination of ingredients in Fromm Puppy Gold is a sweet mix of strong protein sources and holistic choices.

The product reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive, which is a testament to the strong ingredients.

Amazon user gem26 says this is ‘… by far the best puppy food …’, which has corrected digestive and stomach issues for their puppy.

Jennifer confirms that Fromm Puppy Gold energises her dog for training and Christopher Partain says that ‘some people would be put off by the price of this dog food but I have to recommend it to anyone who wants a healthy and happy dog’.

There are very few negative Amazon reviews of Fromm Puppy Gold. Boobut commented on the poor condition of the contents due to shipping (the dry dog kibble was one solid mass from being improperly shipped or stored) while other Amazon users share Redrose’s sentiments where their puppies just did not have the taste for this range of dry dog food.