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Review of Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food

Eukanuba (pronounced you-ka-noo-ba) is a popular pet food brand marketed worldwide and is currently owned by Procter & Gamble (P&G), which is an American multinational company with its headquarters located in Ohio.

Did you know that the founder, Paul Lams, was inspired by Jazz when he thought about a brand name for his dog food recipe back in 1969? Apparently ‘eukanuba’ in the jazz community is jargon for ‘supreme’, which says a lot about the founder’s confidence in his pet food range.

EukanubaUnlike more generic brands that offer a single puppy food option, Eukanuba claim to take their nutritional science seriously by providing options for specific dog breeds or categorical types.

Eukanuba consult breeders, experts and organisations such as The Kennel Club (group concerned with canine affairs) because they know that one food solution does not necessarily cater to the needs of every puppy out there.

There are three core varieties of Eukanuba dry puppy food: Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food, Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy Food and Eukanuba Puppy Food.

The Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food product comes in 5lb, 20lb and 40lb bags.

The main ingredients are:

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  • chicken,
  • corn meal,
  • chicken by-product meal),
  • ground whole grain sorghum,
  • brewers rice,
  • dried beet pulp,
  • chicken flavour,
  • dried egg product
  • fish oil

A quarter of the product is crude protein where chicken is the primary source. Corn meal at number two is disconcerting, especially considering that it rates very high on the glycaemic index.

A peer-reviewed article in The Journal of Nutrition (2002) entitled ‘The Use of Sorghum and Corn as Alternatives to Rice in Dog Foods’ suggests that:

The nutrient digestibilities of the corn and sorghum diets were lower compared with that of the rice diet.

Therefore it can be argued that ground whole grain sorghum and even brewers rice are inferior alternatives to brown rice if you are to have a grain option in the recipe.

Dried beet pulp is a standard fibre source and while dried egg product sounds like another excellent protein addition, it is difficult to determine how nutritious dried egg product actually is, as the AAFCO definition is fairly loose.

Fish oil, as well as the other fatty acids, is generally good for keeping a puppy’s skin and coat reasonably healthy.

The other puppy food choices are surprisingly very similar in terms of main ingredients although crude protein has a slightly higher ratio (32%) in the small breed mix. The subtle differences, if any, beg the question: is the labelling purely advertising rather than differentiating the nutritional benefits between breeds?

Overall, the ingredient list is average. Pet nutrition according to Eukanuba is simple: make every ingredient count. Sadly, their ingredient mantra is what brings them down. Compared to other competing brands Eukanuba fall short with their combination of grains and by-products.

Be assured though that Eukanuba’s quality assurance seems to be excellent. This quality assurance consists of independent inspections, rigorous testing at every manufacturing stage and dealing with trusted and reputable suppliers that source their main ingredients from America, Europe and New Zealand.

Amazon user liat2768 has a puppy with no digestive issues and ‘ … [the Golden Retriever] has been on it for the two months with us and is growing steadily and well on it’.

Sangwoo Ahn reviewed the small breed mix and says it’s ‘Better than average dry dog food that gets your puppy eating. There IS grain in it. For the price, it’s a decent product’.

As of writing there are no negative reviews of any of the Eukanuba puppy food varieties other than minor shipping issues.