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Review of Cesar Canine Cuisine Puppy with Chicken and Beef

Mars, Inc. use the Cesar brand to market their gourmet canine cuisine for the small dog niche. Mars, Inc. is an American global manufacturer owned by the Mars family with its pet care headquarters based in Chicago, Illinois.

The packaging of Cesar wet dog food implies premium quality across their entire range with gold or silver lined foil sealing the container.

Cesar In our Review of Cesar Canine Cuisine Puppy with Chicken and Beef we discovered it contains the following ingredients, available in 100g/3.5oz packets:

Cesar Canine Cuisine Chicken & Beef for Puppies

  • sufficient water for processing,
  • chicken,
  • beef by-products,
  • meat by-products,
  • liver,
  • beef
  • chicken by-products

Unfortunately the ingredient list is mostly water and various by-products, which indicates appalling nutritious value overall. The main ingredient is water (80%) followed by a very small morsel of actual chicken, liver and beef—the remainder is a milieu of junk that barely comprises actual meat.

Meat by-products are not a great protein source nor are they very nutritious. Due to the vague nature of the list we have no idea what the actual source is so consumers that like to meticulously track what their pets are eating will probably avoid the Cesar brand on principle.

Cesar Canine Cuisine Physical SizeCrude protein weighs in at a mere 9% whereas fibre is a woeful 1%. The fat content will not contain the same level of essential oils and acids considered suitable for healthy skin and a shiny coat.

The remainder of the ingredient list is full of additives and more junk that will not do your puppy any favours.

The product details do not clearly refer to the nutritional standards as set out by the AAFCO, which is another reason to steer clear of this stuff.

Amazon user Auntie Nell says: ‘the vet believes that giving my dog this food every day made him sick. (1 year old, 12 pound Yorkie) but he loves it. I have to give away the stockpile I had.

Ladygrey4 recounts a bad experience for her pet: ‘I’ve only been giving my puppy this food for a few days and already it has started to hurt him. On the first day I was so happy because my pup loved it, but during that same night his stool looked really small like something was wrong.

The second day he barely went at all. On the third day he was super constipated, and now on the fourth he is completely sick. He has started leaking from his bottom and can’t get any solid waste out. He’s dragging his bum all over the carpet leaving smears behind. His stomach is bloated and he’s very sick. I gave him different food and immediately he started looking better …’.

There are numerous five-star reviews on Amazon where people are happy that their dogs like the flavour of Cesar Canine Cuisine. Angel shares this sentiment: ‘Poodle loves this stuff! It is wonderfully delicious sertraline 100mg. At least our little guy thinks so. Only our guy’s favorite food’.