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Acana Dog Food: Review of the Brand

Dogs truly are humanity’s best friend. No other domesticated animal is more suited to live with humans and are considered part of the family by most pet owners across the globe.

Your canine companion gives you so much joy, comfort, love and laughter that you want to give them the best life possible. Keeping your dog healthy starts with his diet and can make a huge difference in his or her quality of life with you.

As a life-long dog owner I believe I have found the best food to nourish your “best friend” from his first year as a puppy to his last years as a senior. The Acana brand dog food has a dry food line to nourish any breed, any size at any age. This Acana dog food review will provide you with the information you need to choose the best food for your dog.

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Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Dogs can develop food allergies just like people. If your dog seems to be excessively scratching, develops bad gas, regularly vomits after eating, or has loose stools, he is probably allergic to something in his food. Using a hypoallergenic dog food like Acana can prevent your dog from developing and allergy and remain healthy and active with fewer digestive, teeth, or joint issues.

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Biologically Appropriate

The term biologically appropriate used to describe Acana’s dog food line simply means the food ingredients they use in their products are similar to what the wild ancestors of dogs ate as they evolved. Domesticated dogs have evolved to digest carbohydrates, unlike their wild cousins, but the mainstay of their diet has always has been, and always should be, high quality protein.

High Quality Protein, No Preservatives

Acana dog foods provide the freshest protein sourced from local ranches in Alberta, Canada where it is produced. You will not find ingredients like meat by-product, which means the lowest quality protein, in a Acana product. They use only free range chicken, beef, lamb, bison, duck or wild-caught fish like Pacific salmon or herring, pike and walleye.

The meat is delivered to Acana for processing into dry dog food fresh, not frozen and has no preservatives which is a leading cause of food allergies in dogs. Never feed your dog with anything that has the preservatives BHT, BHA or ethoxyquin.

Fish is a high quality protein that is the least likely to cause an allergic reaction in your dog. Acana’s Provincial Pacifica Grain Free food is made from wild caught fresh Pacific salmon, flounder and herring. Since dogs can develop a gluten intolerance, grain-free ensures they can easily digest it.

One unusual protein source you won’t find in many dog foods is free-range duck blended with fresh bartlett pears and Alberta oats, a low glycemic (won’t spike blood sugar) hypoallergenic grain. The Acana Duck And Bartlett Pear flavor from Acana’s dry dog food line is particularly good for dogs that have sensitive stomachs, or a breed that is more prone to allergies like Dalmatians, Boxers and German Shepherds, for example.

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The Acana Line of Dry Dog Foods

Acana offers 16 varieties of dry food divided up in 3 categories, namely classics, regionals and singles, to suit any dog’s palate and health needs. The entire dry dog food line offers:

  • high quality protein sources like fresh beef, bison, chicken, lamb, fish and duck from animals that are not treated with growth hormones or antibiotics
  • food for all stages of life and all breeds of dogs, with adult and non-GMO options
  • only fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains blended in to be more easily digested

Since no fillers or preservatives are used and there are formulas that do not have wheat or corn, common allergens, you can find the right one for your pet. We have included a handy guide that lists all the varieties of Acana dry dog food for you.

ImageBrand NameTypeFlavorPrice Ave. Amazon
User Rating
ImageBrand NameTypeFlavorPrice Ave. Amazon
User Rating
Acana Wild Prairie Dry Dog Food (5lb - New Formula) All Life Stages, DryWild Prairie$$4.5 (11)
Acana Ranchlands Acana Ranchlands Dry Dog Food (5lb - New Formula) All Breeds, Grain-Free, DryVarious$$4.8 (13)
Acana Chicken & Burbank Potato - 5 lb Adult, DryChicken & Burbank Potato$$4.5 (6)
Acana Pacifica Dry Dog Food, 5 Lbs, Grain-Free, High Protein All Breeds, All Life Stages, Grain-Free, DrySeafood$$5.0 (4)
Acana Lamb and Okanagan Apple Acana Lamb & Okanagan Apple Dry Dog Food 4.4lb Limited Ingredient, All Breeds, All Life Stages, GMO-Free, DryLamb & Okanagan Apple$$N/A
Acana Grasslands - Dog - 5 b All Breeds, All Life Stages, Grain-Free, DryGrasslands$$4.8 (5)
Acana Wild Prairie Dog Food Acana Wild Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, 5.5lb All Breeds, All Life Stages, Grain-Free, DryWild Prairie$$4.5 (4)
Acana Duck & Bartlett Pear - 5 lb Limited Ingredients, Duck & Bartlett Pear$$4.9 (7)
Acana Grain-free Dog Food Variety 4 Pk Trail Size 400 Grams Each (Wild Prairie, Grasslands, Pacifica, Ranchlands) All Breeds, All Life Stages, Grain-Free, DryWild Prairie, Grasslands, Pacifica, Ranchlands Food Variety 4 PK Trial Size$$N/A

Give Your Best Friend The Best

You will find Acana brand at the top of almost all lists of recommended diets for dogs, especially those with allergies or food intolerances to gluten or dairy.

Amazon reviews of Acana dry dog food are four and five stars with comments from reviewers about how it has made their dog’s coat shiny and thick, has eased stomach issues and produced solid healthy stools. This means your pet is getting more nutrients from his food, which won’t be the case with lower quality proteins (meat by-products) and fillers like corn or wheat.

Investing in high quality food like Acana for you dog will give him a better overall quality of life with fewer vet visits and more energy to enrich your life with his loving companionship.

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